Information Technologies

We are aware of the intricate work demanded by IT service providers and consultants as our partners have worked in-house with relevant companies including system integrators, product, service and solution suppliers. We are also aware of the importance of protecting IP and drafting seamless contracts with customers. We always consider our clients’ issues as urgent and critical and provide a second to none service.

We are accessible at all times when support is needed in matters such as negotiation of a development agreement for a specially made software solution or dispute resolution in relation to various contracts.

Our technology practice works in collaboration with our litigation, intellectual property and employment practices to achieve the best results. Re-negotiations carry the risk of disputes or disagreements, our technology lawyers work with our litigation lawyers to reduce the chances of a lawsuit. Our intellectual property and employment practices know that service companies must maintain their employees, policy and expertise, motivate key people, and safeguard key products and services. This all-round service puts our clients at rest and allows them to concentrate on negotiation and deal-execution, assured that their business, ideas and team are protected.